Welcome to Maledelusioncalc.com, a unique calculator designed to provide insights into various demographic, income, and physical statistics for male U.S. citizens. Our tool integrates data from several reliable national surveys, offering an accurate and comprehensive overview of the male population in the United States.

Data Sources

Our calculator utilizes data from the following sources:

  1. Demographic and Income Statistics:
  2. Height and Physical Statistics:

Age Data

Marital Status Options

Race Categories

Height Data

Height statistics are derived from the 2021 Vital and Health Statistics Series published by the NCHS.

Physical Condition Filters

Income Statistics

Income data is sourced from the 2020 CPS Survey conducted by the ASEC.

Calculator Limitations

While our calculator provides a close estimate of the total number of male U.S. citizens meeting specified criteria, it does not include non-citizens. Additionally, there may be slight variances in correlations between specific characteristics, and generalizations are applied across different demographics.